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Data breaches

OneLogin Password Manager Breach Enabled by Stolen AWS Cloud Keys

NEW ANALYSIS: Online password manager service suffers a data breach after an attacker is able to get access to the company's cloud services.
Daily Tech Briefing June 2

Proposed 'Hack Back' Bill Would Help Companies Hunt Down Hackers VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: A proposed "hack back" bill is still in the works, but remains contentious; Google adds new anti-phishing features to Gmail for enterprise users; IBM and Cisco will integrate threat intelligence to improve cyber-security; and there's more.
Banking Trojan 2

IBM Discovers QakBot Trojan Locking Out Active Directory Users

The financial Trojan isn't just stealing money; it's also locking users out of their enterprise Microsoft Active Directory domains.

Fireball Hijack Infects 250 Million Browsers, Check Point Discovers

Freeware programs are being bundled with a browser hijacking tool that could potentially be exposing users to risk.
Cloud storage phishing attacks

Google Adds New Anti-Phishing Features to Gmail for Enterprise Users

New Gmail security features offer enterprise users improved protection against phishing emails, malicious links and malware.
Daily Video 531

Google Purges Malware-Tainted Mobile Apps From Play Store VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google expunges apps tainted with ad fraud malware From Play Store; Panasonic unveils Its Latest Toughbook 2-in-1 hybrid; Trend Micro reveals state of human machine interface vulnerabilities; and there's more.
Hack Back Law

Proposed 'Hack Back' Bill Still in the Works, but Remains Contentious

Security researchers see no easy way to craft a bill that will give companies the legal authority to hunt down hackers attacking their computer systems.
Mobile App Open Port Flaws

HospitalGown Vulnerability Exposes Apps to Backend Server Risk

Appthority reveals a link between mobile applications and publicly accessible data stores that are leaving users and their data open to attack.
IBM Cisco

IBM, Cisco Integrate Threat Intelligence to Improve Cyber-Security

IBM and Cisco are joining together in a new effort to share security information on emerging threats and collaborate more closely with security technology platforms.
Security money

10 Security Firms That Raised Venture Funding in May 2017 SLIDESHOW

As threats continue to emerge, money continues to pour into cyber-security vendors with platforms to protect the cloud, containers and the internet of things.
PoS malware

Chipotle Breach Exposes Continued Point-of-Sale Cyber-Security Risks

NEWS ANALYSIS: Chipotle is the latest victim of Point-of-Sale malware that steals credit card information, demonstrating the continued risks that face retailers.
New Wave WannaCry

WannaCry Ransomware Campaign Was Just the First Wave

NEWS ANALYSIS: Individuals and businesses need to be prepared for a constant series of ransomware waves using exploits from ShadowBrokers as cyber-criminals ramp up their game.

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