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How Bluescape Puts New Spin on Collaboration Using Map 'Canvas'

INNOVATION: Bluescape's SaaS-based application, which runs on Amazon Web Services, functions less like Google Docs and more like a "Google Maps for content." How does this benefit collaboration among workers? Read on.

How NetMotion Ops Intelligence Brings Real-Time Analytics to Mobile Devices

PRODUCT REVIEW & ANALYSIS: Solving mobile connectivity and security issues has become a lot easier, thanks to NetMotion’s Operational Intelligence platform.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 4, 2019

Microsoft Adds New AI Capabilities to Word, PowerPoint VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft 365 gains AI-powered tools and features, and USB Type-C will become more secure with a new authentication standard.
Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Looks to Improve Email With 2019 Thunderbird Roadmap

NEWS ANALYSIS: Although Mozilla was ready to give up on its Thunderbird email client in 2012, 2019 could well be a breakout year for the open-source effort as staffing is set to increase and a roadmap for innovation is in place.

eWEEK’s Top Vendors for Cloud, Data Center Storage

eWEEK TOP COMPANIES: New-gen data storage is all about providing the correct information on demand while at the same time maintaining data privacy for users at all levels. These requirements are the same for physical data center storage and for storage in a cloud service.
Bob Quillin Oracle

How Oracle Is Embracing Cloud-Native Technology to Enable Applications VIDEO

VIDEO: Bob Quillin, vice president for Oracle Cloud Developer Relations, explains where and how cloud-native approaches are being used by Oracle.

Microsoft 365 Gains AI-Powered Tools and Features

Real-time captions in PowerPoint, acronym suggestions in Word and the ability to reuse slides in PowerPoint are among the new features.

IT Science Case Study: Adding Transparency to Sales/Marketing Processes

IT SCIENCE: SaaS provider Fonteva was experiencing significant growth and was looking for a way to establish a more consistent and transparent sales process to support its global momentum. Then it discovered Clari AI, which provides an end-to-end sales analytics and forecasting platform.
Power BI

Microsoft Power BI Now Integrated With Azure Data Lake Storage

The data integration makes it much easier for users of Power BI to share data with users of Azure for a wide range of business tasks.
Microsoft Skype

Skype Adds Live Captioning and Subtitles for Improved Accessibility

Microsoft is also adding similar capabilities to PowerPoint in early 2019 to help people who are deaf or have hearing disabilities.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 19, 2018

Mozilla Patches 11 Security Vulnerabilities in Firefox VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Firefox 64 boosts tab management but drops RSS, and how Shopify avoided a data breach, thanks to a bug bounty.

Six Ways to Manage a Digital Workforce

eWEEK DATA POINTS: According to new research, 79 percent of AI leaders–companies generating the greatest impact from AI–expect their employees to be comfortable working alongside robots by 2020. Yet, this carries significant implications relative to reskilling, resourcing, and change management.

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