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Daily Tech Briefing May 29, 2018

New Google Tool Helps Enterprises Keep an Eye on Cloud Spending VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google adds programmatic budget notification feature to cloud billing, and Polycom launches cloud services for enterprises and service providers.

GDPR Day 1: Litigating the Right to Data Privacy

NEWS ANALYSIS: The General Data Protection Regulation is the most contested law in the E.U.’s history, and we've only touched the surface of its influence.

Upstart PoLTE Cracks Logistics Location Challenges Using LTE

NEWS ANALYSIS: One of the biggest challenges in logistics is knowing where things are, whether that thing is a shipping container on the back of a truck or a package in a warehouse. This company now has the answer.

OpenStack Summit Vancouver Defines Open Infrastructure Efforts SLIDESHOW

At its most recent summit, the OpenStack Foundation showcases its strategy to go beyond its core open-source cloud roots.

Microsoft Boosts GDPR Compliance, Storage Security in the Cloud

Microsoft announces the general availability of three compliance tools on the day GDPR goes into effect.

SolarWinds Updates Product Line for Hybrid Cloud Trend

Performance-management provider updates portfolio to make it easier for IT pros to consolidate monitoring solutions to a single and provides greater flexibility to scale up and support larger data center networks as workloads get bulkier.
OpenStack management

How the OpenStack Foundation Is Evolving Beyond Its Roots VIDEO

VIDEO: OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce and Chief Operating Officer Mark Collier discuss how the open-source organization is changing as more use cases evolve for open infrastructure technologies.
Disaster recovery

IBM Leads ‘Call for Code’ to Use Cloud, AI for Natural Disaster Relief

Call for Code invites developers to create new applications to help communities and people better prepare for natural disasters.

Silicon Valley Club Names Top 10 Most Important Trends of 2018

Some of the trends include: "New Space Stack Will Enable Extraterrestrial Commerce"; "Voice First Will Open Up Internet to the World"; and "China Accelerates Past the U.S. in Key Technology Areas."

Polycom Launches Cloud Services for Enterprises, Service Providers

The move is part of a larger strategic shift for the company that includes partnering with such former competitors as Zoom, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting.
Google Cloud Cost Notifications

Google Adds Programmatic Budget Notification Feature to Cloud Billing

The new feature allows cloud app administrators to inform business line managers when costs for a particular project or account reach pre-determined thresholds.
Mark McLoughlin Red Hat

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 Delivers Long-Term Support VIDEO

VIDEO: Mark McLoughlin, senior director of engineering for OpenStack at Red Hat, discusses what's new in OpenStack and what's coming next.

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