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Deepfence IP

Deepfence Emerges from Stealth with Container Security Platform

Deepfence, a new container security startup, emerges with Security-as-a-Microservice approach for cloud native environments.
Google Tensor Flow Units

Google Releases Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning Apps

Google has started beta testing Cloud Tensor Processing Units that are designed to give enterprises more options for speeding up their machine learning workloads in the cloud.

Eight Technical Tips for CISOs Racing Against the GDPR Clock

The EU's GDPR is the most sweeping change to data protection in the past 20 years. C-level executives everywhere are scrambling to get a handle on what it means to their organizations and how they are going achieve compliance.
Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome to Label Sites Using HTTP as Insecure Starting in July

In July, Google's Chrome browser will begin to label any site and any web page still using HTTP as "not secure."
Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 9, 2018

Microsoft, Google Make Cloud Offerings More Enticing VIDEO

| Updated
DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft and Google up the ante in enterprise cloud wars; a water utility in Europe is hit by a cryptocurrency malware mining attack; Dell EMC adds Epyc-based servers to its portfolio; and there's more.

Subtree Debuts Dotmesh and Dothub for Cloud Native Data Management

The startup raises $10 million in a bid to bring more control to Docker and Kubernetes cloud-native application data management.

How Prysm is Challenging the Crowd in Visual Business Productivity

New apps for Windows 10-based devices and iPhones connecting Prysm to employees, regardless of device preference or location.

Microsoft, Google Up the Ante in Enterprise Cloud Wars

Box, Dropbox and Google Drive customers are wooed by an offer of free OneDrive access for their business in the face of new features from Google.

Eight Small Business Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

The midrange enterprise market is the largest in the world, and tech companies continue to come out with new and improved products designed specifically for them. Stakeholders need to keep aware of trends at all times.

'High Cloud Exposure' Companies Gain Scalability, Security Advantages SLIDESHOW

In taking the lead with migrations, "high cloud exposure" companies are reaping the rewards of improved collaboration, innovation, software development and cyber-security.

Cloud to Be Dominant Form of Data Center Traffic by 2021, Cisco Reports SLIDESHOW

The cloud is real, and a new study from Cisco forecasts that by 2021 it will represent 95 percent of data center traffic.
Office 365 Planner

Microsoft Sharpens Planner's Time Tools, Floats OneDrive Storage Offer

Microsoft adds new ways of managing time-sensitive tasks in Planner and makes a free OneDrive offer for businesses that switch from rivals.

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